When Covid hit, the kids within our circle of friends were all forced into distance learning classes. From the start it was clear that “distance learning” was not going to be enough. We realized that because our children were planing to go to college and pursue a challenging career such as Engineering or a STEM related field, supplementation would not be an option, it would be a necessity. To be blunt, with the current state of affairs it became obvious that to even graduate high school, supplemental academics would not just be an option it would be a necessity. It is sad but true, and it is better to face cold hard reality and develop a feasible resolution.

MathMink was developed by one of Silicon Valleys exclusive engineers! He, who shall be named nameless, is also referred to as “The Mink”. He remembered the power he felt after his mom got him a tutor in 9th grade, …a good tutor, and that changed his entire life. A simple tutor, helped him gain the confidence he needed and not be afraid of learning math and other STEM subjects. He was no longer afraid to ask questions, and this was the gateway to a great engineering school and career.

Now it is his turn to help kids who are stuck at home, to learn a discipline which can be the vehicle to their future success!

Math is a universal language understood throughout our entire world, and perhaps our entire universe!

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