Abi Saboor
Mathematics and Physics Tutor

Abi is one of our excellent Math and Physics tutors hands down.  

He enjoys teaching and loves helping our students build their future, one subject at a time.  

He loves spreading knowledge to his students, and giving them the opportunity to learn and not be shy about asking questions.  A good tutor is a healer of the Math-phobia.

Abi likes to play as well as watch football and cricket. He also loves cats! 

Abi teaches Mathematics and Physics from beginners level to Grade 10.

Ikra Malik
Science and History Tutor

Ikra currently holds a graduate degree in Psychology, and loves to teach and connect with her students. She believes in building the future one student at a time, and nurturing their education in a comfortable one on one setting. 

   She loves to carefully guide her students and help them to make the right career choices in life by offering advice based off analyzing their interests and aptitudes.

 Her previous students have stated that she has the ability to simplify the most complex concepts, and explain it to them in a way that makes it much easier to grasp.

Ikra teaches Science for grades K-7 and History for all grades.


Gyanam Bhartam
Mathematics Tutor

Gyanam has completed his Bachelors in Bio-Technology, and Mathematics. After graduation he chose to be a math tutor in his hometown as a way to lift up the children in his community. 

This is when he discovered that he truly loves teaching. Passing the knowledge to the younger generation is very important to him. 

His favorite TV shows are: I Dream of Jeannie, and Seinfeld. His other favorite past times are skating and swimming.

His specialty is grade 10-12 mathematics (all math subjects).

Shreya Singh
Mathematics Tutor

Shreya is a talented and devoted Mathematics teacher. She loves math so much, that she moved all the way from India to the UK to learn the language of Mathematics. She believes, as we do that Mathematics is one of the most important foundational subjects, that is why we chose her to be part of our MathMink family.

Shreya chose to teach children ranging from Grade 1 to 10 because of her love of connecting with this age group.

Riz Rizwan
Mathematics Tutor

Riz has a Master of Physics, and has been teaching both Physics and Math for 9 years. He has extensive experience in both a classroom setting as well as online. His preferred specifics are Science,  Math at 12th Grade, and Physics at Graduate level.

Riz was inspired to become an educator from the experiences he had with his own teachers. They had a profound personal impact on him and his life's trajectory. His hope is to deliver much knowledge to his students. He prefers conceptual teaching and clear critical points rather than traditional learning. Riz loves to travel, and often plays Badminton and Football.

His previous students have said that he is very intelligent and cooperative and they truly enjoyed his lessons. 

Anil Rapani
Mathematics Tutor

Anil has a Bachelor's degree in both Mathematics and  Physics, as well as a post graduation diploma in Telecommunications. In addition he has total of 11 years experience teaching his students in both an online and in class setting.

For Anil teaching is his passion and loves to share knowledge. 

Anil's favorite activity is traveling, and he loves to listen to almost all genres of music.

Khan Ubaid
Mathematics and Physics Tutor

Khan is devoted to his favorite subject of Physics, Science, and Mathematics. He currently holds a Masters in Physics and has been teaching students for over fifteen years. He enjoys carefully passing this knowledge to others, and is known for being soft spoken and easily approachable.

A fun fact about Khan is that he excels in Badminton, and can offer quite the competition to his opponents. 

Khan teachers Grades 5-9 in the subject of Mathematics, and Grades 9-12+(Advanced levels) in the subject of Physics.


Katherine S.
Science Tutor

Katherine, is a true believer that excelled education and knowledge will empower the next generation to have a better and safe living environment.

She also believes that lack of  access to a quality education is one of the main reasons behind disparity in future career outcomes. 

She loves to teach Science to kids and this is one of many ways she is helping the future and the next generation.


Anupama Maharana
Mathematics Tutor

Anupama is a teacher with one great passion. This passion is the love of teaching. She currently holds a Masters in Advanced Mathematics. She has had a lot of success with her students over the past +11 years on online tutoring. Join her tutoring sessions and gain valuable skills in solving mathematics. This will help you achieve your goals and gain access to good post secondary education. 

For Anupama, she see's tutoring as her way of helping the future generations, and building a better future for us all on this planet.  

In her free time Anupama loves to sing ( especially with birds) and play the Piano. 

Anupama teachers Mathematics for Grades 8-12.  

Karan Shah
Mathematics and Science Tutor

Karan currently holds a BS in Mathematics. He has been teaching mathematics to his students for over four years, and excels in teaching math and science for all grades K-12. He loves working one on one with his students and really diving in to their core areas that need to be improved. Producing improved results for his students is very important to him. Past students have expressed gratitude for helping to overcome their challenges. 

In his spare time he loves to take his pet dog for walks and find new areas to explore.

Hoo Javad
Mathematics and Science Tutor

Hoo is a Mechanical Engineer and a long time Math tutor. He loves to teach Math and Science for all grades, and truly believes that Math and Science are key to our success in this world.

He always says that our next generation will have to work extra hard to design and build sustainable living for everyone. 

His motto is: To learn, to practice, and to practice even more until you understand the problem and the path to the solution. 

Dr. Kishu Kishore
Applied Chemistry Tutor

Dr.Kishu has a Doctorate degree in Chemistry and Bachelor of Sciences. He has been teaching students for over 20 years.

His students contact him for advice related to academics and non-academic problems. He loves to interact with his students and offer his problem solving skills and thereby give them hope and confidence.

Dr.Kishu teaches Science, Chemistry and Biology on all grades primarily, Grades 9 through 12. 

Mahi Ayesha
Mathematics and Science Tutor

Mahi is a passionate math and science teacher, who is proud of her work and loves to spread knowledge and education all over the world. She has her MBA and still decides to select the teaching profession. 

She believes that she not only can help educate students, but she can learn new things from her students herself.

She teachers grades K-Grade 8. 

Govind Singh
Mathematics Tutor

Govind is one of our well experienced Math and Science tutors. He has a passion for teaching and loves Mathematics in particular. He has been carefully teaching his students for over 18 years, thirteen of which were abroad in England. Govind has his MBA and his teaching experience in England was one of the highlights of his career and he has carried that experience with him by teaching ESL classes in his home country. Govind's many years of education and experience in the STEM subjects can help you build a solid foundation. 

He has 13 years of teaching experience in subjects such as Math, Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English on all beginners level up to Grade 8.

Asmat Khan
Mathematics Tutor

Asmat comes to MathMink with a firm knowledge of Electrical Engineering , and holds a degree with distinction of gold medalist in this subject. He has over two years of experience teaching online classes. He is fully devoted to his passion of teaching students from elementary school up to high school, and would like to spread brightness of mathematical knowledge all over the world. Asmat also finds great joy in seeing a marked improvement in his students skills after working with him. In his spare time he enjoys sports like Cricket , Volleyball, Basketball,  and most of all Table Tennis. Asmat also has very interesting pets that are parrots and pigeons. They give him much enjoyment and amusement.

His specialty is Mathematics in all grade (all math subjects).


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